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ArtWorks 2

PostScript 3

ArtWorks 2.X2 download

AWViewer download (free ArtWorks viewer)

Gutenprint for RISC OS

RISC OS software for design, printing and publishing

Latest releases:
 ArtWorks 2.X2.00 (07-May-12)   Easi/TechWriter 9.12 (24-Sep-13)   PostScript 3 1.21 (01-Jun-12)   Gutenprint 2.41 (24-Nov-10) 

Latest news:

05-Jul-16: Coming soon: ArtWorks 2.X3 with support for the new RGB-ordered screen modes of recent platforms (e.g., IGEPv5 and Titanium) and a Shape Builder/Eraser tool.

02-Oct-13: Easi/TechWriter 9.12 has been officially released and is available for purchase.

15-Jul-13: InterGIF 6.19 released (with a fix for using it on ARMv7 platforms, e.g., the ARMini).

07-May-12: Maintenance releases with bug fixes: PostScript 3 version 1.21 and Easi/TechWriter 9.01 released.

07-May-12: ArtWorks 2.X2 with its new Artistic Lines feature (Details) has been released and is available for purchase

25-Apr-12: ArtWorks 2.X2 announced with its new Artistic Lines feature (Details)

12-Nov-11: AWViewer/AWRender 2.16 released (free download)

28-Oct-11: Easi/TechWriter 9.00 with cross-references and improved ODT import released and available for purchase.

24-Nov-10: Gutenprint 2.41 released.

26-Oct-10: Easi/TechWriter 8.90 with .docx import released and available for purchase.

27-Jun-10: Gutenprint 2.4 with support for 50 additional printers released (More).

New: Easi/TechWriter 9.1 with many improvements to .docx import and with improved HTML export using HTML4 and CSS. New since version 9.0: cross-references and improved ODT import. Details. Upgrade prices and ordering.

ArtWorks 2.X2 with its new exciting Artistic Lines feature (Details). New features in the preceding version 2.XI were ARMv7 compatibility (for BeagleBoard and ARMini compatibility) and a Style Panel making it much easier to create illustrations with a consistent design. Together with other improvements that makes working with ArtWorks 2.X2 even more of a joy as before.
New features in 2.X2. New features in 2.XI.
More about ArtWorks 2.

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The PostScript 3 printer driver is a joint project by John Tytgat and Martin Würthner. It offers significantly improved PostScript output quality from RISC OS applications, most notably for text and bitmap images. This includes both printing to a physical PostScript printer and using the PostScript driver for PDF generation, e.g., from OvationPro, Impression or EasiWriter.
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Easi/TechWriter - Structured word processors with Word compatibility

The original Icon Technology website with information about Easi/TechWriter is available again for reference. You can find pricing and ordering information on the main MW Software ordering page.

ArtWorks 2 - Creating stunning graphics has never been easier!

ArtWorks 2.X2 makes the creation of high-quality graphics easier than ever, both for home and professional users. Find out more about ArtWorks 2 and the complete ArtWorks 2.X2 feature set in the ArtWorks 2 section.

Drobe award 2008 Drobe award 2007 Drobe award 2005 Drobe award 2004

ArtWorks 2 was voted Best commercial software of 2011 by readers of and Best commercial software of 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 by readers of the popular Drobe news portal.

Photo-real printing for RISC OS

Gutenprint for RISC OS offers high-quality photo-real printer drivers with support for more than 1450 printer models (photo-real quality is mainly available for Epson photo printers, not for Canon printers). Finally, you can print with photo-real quality from any RISC OS application that can print via the standard RISC OS printing system (!Printers).

Have a look at the list of supported printers to find out whether your printer is supported.

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