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October 26, 2010





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  • added "Open recent" icon bar menu and ConfiX option in Misc section
  • added .docx import
  • added .odt import as plain text
  • added file icons for .docx and .odt
  • "background printing" option no longer switched on automatically for imported RTF documents (an old problem, fixed for Word a long time ago, but not for RTF)
  • RTF files are loaded by double-clicking even if EW/TW is not loaded
  • recompiled with compiler settings that should allow the application to run on ARMv7 processors (e.g., the Cortex-A8 as used in the BeagleBoard)
  • "Save as PDF" uses the WimpSlot the installed Ghostscript requires rather than using a hardwired value that needs to be changed whenever the Ghostscript memory requirements change
October 22nd 2010
  • The "Save as PDF" feature can be used with the new PostScript 3 driver (earlier versions reported the error "You need to initialise a PostScript printer by by selecting it in !Printers.")
  • When using "Save as PDF" in conjunction with the new PostScript 3 driver, then PDF export uses at least PDF compatibility level 1.3 (Acrobat 4) to avoid problems with new PostScript 3 features and Ghostscript's PDF 1.2 output.
October 15th 2009
  • Warning message if a PS/PDF is exported for a page subrange
  • Added Structure view (View => Structure view), shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-Z
  • added ConfiX options for Picture and Text colour and whether structure headings should be prefixed by the structure name (all used by the Structure view)
October 17th 2008
  • Style Finder window sometimes got an unwanted scroll bar (when used on a screen with less than 1024 pixels vertically) - fixed
  • clicking on an "Edit..." button in the Style Finder with Adjust closes the Style Finder
  • Adjust click on Style Editor button in the Button Bar opens/closes the Style Finder (already present in CD versions of 8.72 but not in web versions)
  • more reliable Word import: failed attempts to import embedded WMF files are recognized both with ImageFS2 and with WMF2Draw (before, they were sometimes treated as huge diagrams which caused problems in headers and footers)
November 21st 2007

New features:

  • Added Style Editor (Format => Edit styles...), shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-T
  • Added Style finder (View => Style finder), shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-Y
  • added new ConfiX option "Use document width for window" (on by default), which changes the way the document window works to the standard behaviour of other RISC OS programs - the extent of the window is as wide as the document
  • to complement the above, there is a new menu entry "Show => Facing pages" that controls facing pages display; it is independent of the size of the window on the screen so you can view and work with facing pages without having to scale down
  • the abbreviation expansion character can be configured in !ConfiX
  • macros can be copied between the global and document macro lists


  • fixed "Borders" dialogue to have selected "Box" radio icon
  • InterGIF buffer length increased to avoid crashes when exporting graphics during HTML export to an extremely deep directory structure
  • filename characters that are not suitable for the printing title are replaced by underscores (any chars > 126 would otherwise terminate the title)
  • extended various file name handling buffers to 160 characters (from merely 40; amongst other things, that allows longer stationery names)
  • ported back minor changes from 7.13
  • Word import: fixed handling of empty format modifiers (would lead to a crash)
  • more robust handling of corrupted documents - fixed handling of missing inline images
  • trying to obtain a missing record in a file no longer leads to memory corruption but to a failure instead
  • style handling more robust - if a style record is missing, then a failure occurs instead of a crash later
  • "Pause between pages" changed to "Pause before pages"
  • RTF export of various Acorn-specific characters fixed (e.g., ellipsis)
October 18th 2007
  • fixed conversion of special characters (e.g., sexed quotes) during Word import (introduced in 8.62)
October 12th 2006
  • Added password protection options for PDF generation (in ConfiX), "PDF" menuentry changes to "PDF (protected)" if password-protection is enabled.
  • Major changes in Word style sheet import, other minor changes in Word import that should fix a few issues.
  • Worked around RISC OS command line length limit (prevented PDF export from working on pre-RISC OS 4 machines)
  • Fixed menu definition file reading (relied on broken CLib behaviour)
August 29th 2006
  • Added 'Save as PDF' - complete with document outline.
  • Bookmarks have optional background colour for ease in finding them.
  • Supports ArtWorks transparency even when printing.
May 13th 2006
  • Added 'Save page as Draw'.
  • Suitable for 26-bit (A7000[+], RiscPC, Omega, VirtualRPC etc.) and 32-bit versions of RISC OS (Iyonix and A9Home).
  • Improved Word import.
February 14th 2006
  • Added "View => Structure bars" to display structure indicators (the setting is saved with the document). Colours for structure bars can be configured.
  • Added gridline display for tables, figure captions, pictures and whitespace/page/column fillers (if "View => Guides" is on).
  • Added "AutoTry" option in choices (causes "Try" button in font chooser dialogue box to be clicked automatically after each change).
  • Background colours can be set using colour picker, which allows (almost) arbitrary colours instead of just 16 (+16 alternative colours that were not stored in document) available in previous versions now, 768 different colours are supported, including all grey scales.
  • Border colour can be set using colour picker same colour range as for background colours.
  • Added "Override" and "Ignore always" buttons to spell dialogue.
  • Added "Set values" button to print dialogue.
  • Added Structure => Reorder => (Sort => (Alphabetically [shortcut CS-I], Numerically [CS-J]), Reverse [CS-V], Move up [CS-U], Move down [CS-D]). Numeric sort sorts on the first numeric value found (signed decimal or hex), ignoring any preceding non-numeric text, strings without any numeric part are sorted last.
  • Footnote numbering can be restarted for each Chapter.
  • HTML export adds DIV elements for chapters and sections using the style name for the class field.
  • Added "Structure => Insert" entries to include the bare chapter and section titles without the number, changed menu entries in Structure => Insert to read "Chapter number + title" (formerly "Chapter title"), "Chapter title" (new entry for just the title) and the same for Sections.
  • Fixed problem with JPEGs claiming to have 0 density - these cause the OS to freeze when they are displayed. They are now handled like progressive JPEGs.
  • Added "Lorem ipsum" generator (Ctrl-Shift-O) to inject a paragraph of random "Latin" also "Insert Lorem ipsum => With heading" (Ctrl-Shift-P).
  • Added "Split cells" ConfiX option (was -j option, set by default).
  • Configuration option for the three strings used in index generation configurable separator between key and page numbers.
  • Toolbar buttons for "record macro" (start/stop recording, also shows current recording state when recording is controlled via keyboard shortcuts), "replay macro" (Select: expand from cursor, Adjust: replay unnamed macro, Menu: show macro menu), and "Lorem ipsum".
  • Added ConfiX option to set a threshold below which documents are always fully loaded into memory.
  • Added (partial) repair option for corrupted picture structures.
  • Fixed UKEY not being disabled when quitting without saving an open doc or when crashing (caused problems with StrongEd).
  • Added Edit => Clear (Ctrl-Z) to clear the selection.
  • Significant quality improvement for progressive JPEGs, which are now converted to baseline JPEGs using jpegtran.
  • Added "Export Draw files in full colour" ConfiX option to allow Draw files to be exported to Word in 16 million colours.
  • Added "SuppressDDF" option.
  • added Edit => Clear (Ctrl-Z) to clear the selection.
  • Word import copes with hyperlinks containing control chars (rather than looping)
  • Added import of Word2000 full-colour paragraph/table backgrounds (just solid colours, ignoring the line patterns/shades)
  • Added import of Word97 16-colour border colours
  • Added import of Word2000 full-colour borders colours (only one colour allowed for the border Word can have a different colour on each side, in case of doubt the last colour decides [that of the bottom border, if set])
  • Added Word export of full colour paragraph and table cell backgrounds using best approximation Word95 format can produce (blend between two of the 16 standard Word colours)
  • Added export of border colours (unfortunately, Word95 format only allows one of the 16 standard Word colours, which is a pretty crude approximation)
Dec 15th 2005
  • Added option to merge adjacent index entries.
  • Fixed serious bug when saving macros, which could cause the last entry of the last macro to be corrupted.
  • Full fix for matrix spanning bug.
June 24th 2005
  • Partial fix for matrix spanning bug.
  • Drag & drop complete paragraphs in tables (now correctly displays an error and restores old state rather than crashing).
  • Document is closed after being rejected due to equations (remained open in previous version).
  • Minor Word import change for side headings.
  • Toolbar Help updated for "zoom" and "remove structure" icons.
June 15th 2005
  • New Macros command to record frequently used keystrokes and replay them. Macros can be saved with the document or with the application.
  • Added 'All' and 'None' buttons to border style dialogue.
  • Import previous revisions allows you to see changes that have been made to a Word document while using Word's Change tracking feature.
  • Important bug fix for Word import: 'huge sprms' are now read correctly - most notably affects table import but might affect lots of other things.
  • You can also view text that is marked as 'hidden' in a Word document.
  • Many Word users have the document's language set to USA English. This means that spell checking in Easi/TechWriter will fail as it thinks it is a 'foreign' language. Convert USA text to UK command automatically changes the language of a document to British English.
  • Corrected Word import of fi/fl ligatures and of German single opening quote (single quote at baseline, imported as comma)
  • The Footnotes menu has been extended to include Upper & Lower case Letters and Roman numerals.
  • 'Clean documents when loading' command. Removes unused Picture blocks
  • Default Stationery Pad. Choose the Stationery pad that will be used by default when you open a new Easi/TechWriter document.
  • Includes support for importing Hexadecimal and Unicode character entities and exporting optional lower case tags.
  • Added 'HTML image directory name' and 'HTML image prefix' options.
  • Closing </TD>, </TH> and </TR> tags are added by HTML export
  • Line endings in blockquote style are sent as <br> to HTML instead of being just linefeeds (which are swallowed by the browser).
  • Treatment of <script> tags fixed - preceding content was swallowed if tag occurred in body
  • Fix for text vanishing when importing HTML with Unicode character references
May 21st 2005
  • Euro symbols in Word documents are no longer imported as "_" but as character 128, suitable for standard RISC OS fonts, e.g., the ROM fonts Trinity, Homerton, etc. (not EFF fonts, which have the Euro at a different position).
  • URLs are no longer truncated to 80 characters when exporting to HTML
  • After loading the ArtWorks rendering modules their presence is checked (to catch the case of 26-bit modules being loaded on an Iyonix by Aemulor - such modules are not accessible to 32-bit applications running natively). If there is an error "EasiWrite/TechWriter requires GDraw/DitherExtend/AWRender", then an old 26-bit copy of AWViewer is present that needs to be located and removed or replaced by a recent copy.
  • The "page break bug" has been fixed. Individual page breaks and column breaks can be deleted normally without having to be part of a text selection.
November, 2004
  • The infamous "paragraph bug" has been fixed. This bug caused consecutive paragraphs to be merged when deleting or replacing a paragraph.EW/ TW now behave like other RISC OS word processor.
  • "Structure => Insert => Leaf name" added - this inserts the file name without the path. It exports correctly to Word.
    - "Filename" macro is correctly exported to Word (now includes the path)
    - Imports "filename + path" and "filename" macros correctly from Word (in earlier versions, both came out as "Filename", which included the path)
  • New choices user interface using !ConfiX. Much easier way of setting user preferences. Various hidden user options that could only be set in resource files have been made visible.
  • Added PC Keys option "Off", "On" or "Auto". "Auto" is the default and results in "Off" under RO4 and below and "On" under RO5. This option controls the interpretation of "Delete" and "Copy/End". If it is on,
    then "Delete" deletes to the right and "Copy/End" moves the cursor to the end of the line or paragraph (depending on the above option for Ctrl-Right).
  • Added option for Ctrl-Arrow to move the caret to start/end of line
    instead of start/end of paragraph
  • Added PC Keys option "Off", "On" or "Auto". "Auto" is the default and results in "Off" under RO4 and below and "On" under RO5. This option controls the interpretation of "Delete" and "Copy/End". If it is on,
    then "Delete" deletes to the right and "Copy/End" moves the cursor to the end of the line or paragraph (depending on the above option for Ctrl-Right).
  • ImageFS2 can be used in preference to WMF2Draw for WMF files in Word and RTF.
  • WMF files embedded in RTF files can be read even without ImageFS2
  • 32-bit compatible EuclidX module included so animations can be viewed on the Iyonix.
  • Status of "View Animation" is saved with document.
  • The border styles of auto-width tables were not exported to HTML in 7.11 and 8.22 and above, this is now fixed.
  • Corrected Word export of equations at 90dpi (was with anti-aliasing but scaled down from 90dpi, which resulted in too small an output).
October, 2004
  • Auto-save feature added. It is non-interruptive, e.g., the implementation waits for a short period without any user input (3 seconds) to avoid opening the confirmation 'Save' window while the user is busy typing. The auto-save status is now saved with the document. Older versions will still read the document but discard the additional data.
  • "Enter user-defined label in change list format box" bug fixed.
  • Improved Word/HTML import/ export.
  • Print dialogue bug fixed (funny things happening with "To" field in page range dialogue)
  • Added preliminary support for EFF font manager for magic handwriting fonts (no Draw export).
June, 2004
  • EasiWriter and TechWriter are now 32 and 26 bit compatible i.e. one version for both RISC OS 4 and 5.
  • Fully supports ArtWorks file import, rendering and printing.
  • ArtWorks export to Word and HTML is fully working in 16M colours. Requires RISC OS 3.5 or higher.
  • A problem in the Picture dialogue where x and y axis did not stay synchronized has been fixed.
  • A fully licensed copy of !Citation is included free. Details.
May, 2004
32 bit version for IYONIX compatibility.
November, 2002
Bug fixes
June 14, 2000
  • Reveal formatting dialogue - a window that sits in front of, or by the side of, a document that shows all the attributes of a selected style and changes as you select through the structures.
  • Improved style dialogues - now show list of changes in a scrollable window.
  • Improved Word import. Apart from improved handling of Word generally it can now extract the text from versions earlier than 6.
  • Preserve aspect ratio in pictures - check box in the Picture format dialogue synchronizes the x and y scales.
  • New shortcuts for scrolling selection/caret into view, zooming page to fit width and back to previous size, select quoted text complete with quotes.
  • Improved Spacing dialogue gives better compatibility with MS Word.
May 2000
Bug fixes to 7 - 7.04
Dec 1999
  • RTF (Rich Text Format) export making it even easier to exchange formatted data with other applications.
  • One click pamphlet printing no need to fiddle with page orientation or scaling it all happens automatically.
  • Thumbnails. Print up to 16 pages on a single sheet.
  • Support for Photo CD and TIFF file import.
  • Improved selection and keyboard short cuts in Tables.
  • One click to move from reference to footnote.
  • Improved printer dialogue lets you select all pages, range or page containing caret for single page printing.
  • New manual.
October 1999
  • Support for Acorn's plug-in protocol to allow Java Applets to be run inside an EasiWriter/TechWriter document.
  • Support for Animated GIF's and Animator files.
  • Over 100 new user defined keyboard shortcuts.
  • Exports equations at 300/360 d.p.i. when saving as Word.
  • Graphics can be inserted to the left or right of multiple lines of text.
May 1999
12/3/99 Free upgrade for users of version 5.00 to 5.03
Message File allows Contents/Next/Previous text links to be replaced by graphics.
Auto recognises MS Word files with filetype incorrectly set to Text
Improvements in Word import
Text files now open into selected Stationery pad
Improvements in DDF import
Shift-Tab inserts tab in table cell (allows decimal alignment)
Save as Text/HTML now use original name
Improvements in HTML export
Support for Word 8 Hebrew


Footnote bug fix for 5.01.



Insert Document Title and and Chapter/Section number in Headers and Footers. Lookup table for Bold/Italic/Underline so users can alter to Strong etc.



Find, Delete and rename styles. Mail merge includes pictures and equations



Optionally splits HTML at page breaks generating Contents page and forward/backward links in each page. Support of Acorns URI module URLs from TW can load files into !Browse and vice versa using Acorn's URI module.



Reads Impression files that have been saved with style (DDF).

18/11/98 Not for release, will form part of version 5


Compatibility with MS Word 8 (Office 97/98). Support for PNG graphics. HTML improvements. Linking of documents by Dragging and Dropping. Move between guesses in Spelling dialogue with cursor keys. Cut & Paste and Drag & Drop links. Extended colour control for backgrounds.



Full equations in Word and HTML with options for zooming graphics, etc. Also allows Auto-numbering to start from zero.


4.08 beta 2

Converts equations into BMP's when saving MS Word docs.


4.08 beta 1

When saving as HTML TechWriter version 4.08 now uses InterGif to convert equations and pictures automatically. Click here to see an example.


Special for R->L printing and error 192 (illegal chars in Word import)



Fixes a Ctrl-K problem in 4.03. Adds Link menu so you can add and edit HTML hot links. For example you can set up a bookmark and create a a link to it by selecting some text and choosing Link.

15 Jan 1998

Users of version 4.0n can update by sending disc and SAE.


Reinstates TeX module that fell out of version 4.0!

Can Cut and Paste HTML to clipboard - waiting for other applications to follow suit.



Save hypertext links, Bookmarks in Word and RTF import



Added HTML i/o. New documentation. Bumped to version 4 (not 3) to synchronise with EasiWriter. Acorn World show.



Page centring in window, export Draw files as BMP in Word, recognise filetype by contents


2.27 beta 1

RTF, empty picture export bug, export enhancements.


Memory, pamphlet print bug, %[n] for auto number, alien font name matching.



Beta as 224 with fast-saved Word import.



Final MS Word fixes



Bug fixes



Upgrade for styles, tables, etc. Word import/export



Acorn World Show.



Beta for MS Word import/export



Various betas for MS Word& crop marks


Pamphlet Printing



To Beta Testers only (index/contents)


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