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AppDock - NeXT style application launcher


  • 16-Nov-05: Select/Adjust-compatible AppDock 2.51 released new!
  • 06-Jan-03: 32-bit compatible AppDock 2.50 released
  • 24-Jun-02: AppDock 2.46 released
  • 23-Apr-01: AppDock 2.45 released

Name AppDock II
Purpose NeXTTM style application launcher
Author Martin Würthner
Requires RISC OS 3.1 or higher
Status FreeWare
Version 2.51 (14-Nov-2005)
Iyonix OK

About AppDock

AppDock is an application launcher similar to backdrop utilities, in that it allows application icons to be arranged in a nice way and the applications to be started without having to deal with directory windows. The design is similar to the Application Dock that forms part of the NeXTStepTM system on NeXTTM computers. AppDock displays a vertical bar with buttons on which you can drop applications or directories. It can run down the left or right hand side of your desktop and adjusts itself to the screen resolution. The dock has "up" and "down" buttons, so it can have more entries than would fit on the screen.

AppDock also offers a ShortCut bar. It works similar to the application dock, but it stores keyboard shortcuts for applications. You may define shortcuts for up to 20 applications. AppDock detects which application has the input focus and displays the shortcut definitions for the corresponding application. By clicking on one of the ShortCut buttons, the appropriate key combination is "pressed" by the Application Dock.

You may edit the ShortCut definitions separately for each application. So, you may assign the ShortCut Find and the key shortcut F4 to a button of the ShortCut bar belonging to Edit and if you click on the button while Edit has the caret, the Find box is displayed.

The dock and shortcut bars are normally behind all other windows on the desktop, but you can bring both to the front by pressing Ctrl, Shift and Alt simultaneously (this feature can be switched off).

AppDock screenshot

Download section

AppDock icon Download AppDock 2.51 (32-bit compatible, compatible with Select/Adjust)

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