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ArtWorks 2 features (12)

New features in ArtWorks 2.9

  • Alpha mask export - flat and graduated transparency information can be included in exported sprite and PNG bitmaps. This allows exported bitmaps to blend into any background (see below). The alpha mask includes text and shape anti-aliasing information, so it is useful for illustrations withou transparency, too.
  • Support for 64 thousand colour screen modes (introduced with RISC OS 6.14/Select 5i1)
  • Multi-page editing improvements
    • Dragging an ArtWorks file to an open ArtWorks document window inserts the pages of this file as new pages into the edited document.
    • Pages can be moved forwards and backwards to reorder them
    • Pages can be duplicated
    • Keyboard shortcuts to go to the first/last page
  • Editing improvements for text areas
    • Smart quotes option
    • Automatic ligatures option
    • Transpose characters keyboard shortcut
    • Swap case keyboard shortcut
  • PDF export improvements
    • PDF export options are remembered for each document and saved with the document
    • Set values button in PDF export dialogue box (as in bitmap export dialogue box)
    • Improvement for professional printing: Objects in registration black and crop marks render on all plates, including spot plates.
  • General improvements
    • An option to delete unused colours in a document.
    • The Show coordinates dialogue box allows the coordinate origin to be set to one of the corners or the centre of the selection or to the position of the currently selected path anchor point, changing the displayed coordinates to be relative to that point.

Alpha mask example

The table below shows an illustration using flat and graduated transparency exported with an alpha mask from ArtWorks 2.9 (left) and without an alpha mask (right) on top of different backgrounds. As can be seen, the alpha masked image blends perfectly into any background showing the transparency effects of the original ArtWorks file. Most notably, the background can be seen through the semi-transparent drop. Also, the text blends into any background on the left whereas it has a white fringe on the right.

With Alpha Mask Without Alpha Mask
With Alpha Mask Without Alpha Mask
With Alpha Mask Without Alpha Mask

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