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ArtWorks 2 features (11)

New features in ArtWorks 2.8:

PDF import - finally, documents created on other platforms are no more than a mouse click away! In addition to what other RISC OS based PDF conversion solutions offer, ArtWorks imports
  • Multiple pages
  • Graduated fills
  • Transparency
  • Linear/radial transparency from some applications, e.g., exported from Xara Xtreme or ArtWorks itself
  • CMYK colours
  • Spot colours and spot colour tints
  • CMYK bitmaps
  • Bitmaps with JPEG compression can be retained as JPEGs
Watch this! Watch (Adobe) AW2 logo
The famous Xara watch2 clipart file, exported as PDF from Xara Xtreme and imported into ArtWorks. Without any additional editing done on either side, it comes out 100% as in Adobe Reader. The same PDF file displayed in Adobe Reader under Windows Vista. The ArtWorks logo exported as PDF file and reimported into ArtWorks featuring different types of transparency, graduated fills and a clipped JPEG with graduated transparency.

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Last modified: 22-Apr-08