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ArtWorks 2 features (10)

New features in ArtWorks 2.7:

  • Multi-page handling - finally, an ArtWorks document can contain more than one page. You can insert new pages at any position, delete pages and navigate between pages. You can create master layers that appear on every page or just on odd or even pages.
  • You can print all pages of a multi-page document, the current page or a range of pages. You can fit several different pages on a single sheet of paper or fit several copies of each page on each sheet of paper (new Fit same pages option)
  • You can export your multi-page documents as multi-page PDF files.
  • Other PDF export improvements:
    • Exporting PDF files with internal compression for the main content stream and for embedded bitmaps. This can drastically reduce the size of exported PDF files while still being compatible with all PDF readers.
    • Spot colour and overprinting information is preserved in exported PDF files.
  • The order in which the colours appear on the Colour Bar and the colour menu can be changed simply by dragging them around. The new order is saved with the document.
  • You can sample colours from anywhere on the screen in the colour editor.
  • You can export all text from selected text lines/areas or from all lines/areas on the current page or on all pages in one go, e.g., for external spell checking.
  • The layer list can be a permanent window making it much more productive to work with layers.
  • Many small user interface improvements.

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