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ArtWorks 2 features (8)

New features in ArtWorks 2.5 (released at the South East Show in October 2005):

Exported file
rendered in
Adobe Reader 6.0

The same file
rendered in
Illustrator CS2

Direct PDF Export: ArtWorks 2.5 allows you to export print-ready PDF files supporting all ArtWorks 2 features without involving an intermediate format, a printer driver or third-party software. Advantages of Direct PDF Export include:
  • Fully vector based export of transparency effects including different transparency types (Mix, Stained glass, Bleach) and graduated transparency (linear and radial).
  • High quality sprite export including masks not suffering from the problems caused by the RISC OS PostScript printer driver (which does not support masks for true colour sprites and renders sprites with 256 colours or less in poor quality).
  • High quality export of graduated fills (linear and radial) as PDF shadings without having to approximate the graduation using a series of clipped shapes (as happens when going through PostScript).
  • Full support for CMYK colours, even in conjunction with transparency. Finally, you can create printout files with full CMYK information.
  • All required fonts can be embedded in the file automatically: No more worries about font matching.
  • Easy to use one-step export without going through any intermediate format.
  • The best way to submit illustrations for professional printing.

New: Download two sample PDF files exported by ArtWorks 2.5. Please note that RISC OS based PDF viewers are not suitable for viewing these files.

ArtWorks logo Download the ArtWorks 2.5 logo using graduated fills, dynamic clipping, graduated transparency, different transparency types
ArtWorks apple Download the famous ArtWorks apple

Exported files require a PDF viewer supporting PDF 1.4 including transparency, in other words Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 5 or higher. Adobe Illustrator (version 9 or higher) and Adobe PhotoShop, amongst others, can import PDF 1.4 files.

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