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All products described here are for RISC OS only.

Archive icon 32BitLib - macros to create 32-bit safe software using the BBC BASIC assembler
AppDock icon AppDock II - NeXT™ style application launcher
DiscSpace icon DiscSpace - graphical disc usage display
GView icon GView - a PostScript™ and PDF previewer (front-end for Ghostscript)
Ghostscript icon Ghostscript - the latest RISC OS version of GPL Ghostscript (PostScript™/PDF interpreter and PostScript™ to PDF converter)
RasMol icon RasMol - a molecular visualisation tool
XChars icon XChars - advanced character picker
InterGif icon InterGif 6.19 - the latest version of the popular utility for creating static and animated GIF files from sprite files. New in 6.19: Fix for crashes when converting Draw files on ARMv7 systems (BeagleBoard, ARmini, etc.). New in 6.18: ARMv7 compatible.
Archive icon pdftotext - a command-line utility to extract the text from a PDF file. This utility (part of xpdf, released under the GPL) is rather clever in that it analyses text positions to find out about the correct logical order of the text, so it does far better than simply using the "Save text" option in PDF converters.

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