EW/TW are in my opinion the best wordprocessors on any platform anywhere. Get TW if you want maths, otherwise EW'll do luvly! Dick

May 19, 2005 16/4/99


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User Comments..

Subject: Satisfied customer


Or delighted customer, more like! Having ordered TechWriter Pro yesterday, and it arriving today, I've just spent the last couple of hours playing with it. As a Physics teacher I wanted it primarily for the equation facilities, but I've been laughing out loud playing with the Word/HTML/Impression import/export and some old files, and have barely reached the Maths stuff!

You have an absolutely brilliant product here, and that's without investigating the half of it.

My only regret is that I didn't start using it ages ago... Thanks for the speedy service, Andrew

"Recently I purchased EasiWriter professional. This note is just to say that I think it is excellent. It has done everything I needed to write my reports, with more surprises ahead, as I haven't used or learnt everything it can do as yet. It is also very easy to use. Excellent work Icon Technology." Gareth

"I have used EasiWriter (TW minus the maths) for many years and it is the main reason I own a RiscPC. It is robust, powerful and its structures provide both flexibility and control which really come into their own when working on large documents. It is, in many ways, rather understated IMHO - I think the features are very comprehensive...lists, tables, contents, footnotes, index generation, HTML, Word import/export...and more. Added to this is the support from Icon. I recently encountered a slight problem in relation to footnotes. Sent an e-mail to Icon and an upgrade followed by return; always courteous, responsive and interested. "

"If you require a DTP/document processor that incorporates almost all the aspects of style that you are likely to need, can inject real consistency into what you produce, and yet is still easy to use, then look no further than EasiWriter. You won't be disappointed. It is a real winner.- RISC User"

"Excellent software. Outstanding value for money."

I have been a long term user of EasiWriter and currently use EasiWriter Pro v.4.0. I think that it is brilliant! The package is easy to use and in my experience everything works. I have to use MSWord at work and as I find it much easier to work with EasiWriter I am able to import and export word documents without any problems. There are many other useful options which I only use intermittently (e.g. HTML) which are also excellent.

"Acorn Users should be very proud of the HTML import/export from EasiWriter & co."

"From my viewpoint having TechWriter pro as a main 'workhorse' is *brilliant* for serious academic work. Jim Lesurf on C.S.A.Misc."

"!TechWriter will write all your maths as live text that you can edit at any time in place in the document (rather that OLE back to the drawing package) *and* it's the best WP on the planet as well. Dick Smith on C.S.A.A."

"TechWriter is still the best for scientific documents! I surprised a lot of PC users when showing TechWriter. Every time after the show the only question was "Can this program be run on a PC and can I have it?".-Matthias Brochhagen"

"It's great! At the risk of writing advertising copy for Icon Technology, no piece of software on any platform has made me grin with delight as I discover new features as much as TechWriter has. Archive"

"...the output of mathematical formulae I've got with TechWriter is excellent and the program is so easy to use - congratulations.' Norbert Hauf - Germany. "


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