If you require a DTP cum document processor that incorporates almost all the aspects of style that you are likely to need, can inject real consistency into what you produce, and yet is still easy to use, then look no further than EasiWriter. You won't be disappointed. It is a real winner.- RISC User

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EasiWriter professional

What is EasiWriter professional?

EasiWriter can be used as a basic word processor for writing short documents, yet has the flexibility to produce complete books or multi-column layouts incorporating Sprites, Draw files and JPEGs created by other applications.

Powerful features

In addition to the features found in TalkWrite, EasiWriter professional introduces a unique concept - structures. Chapters, Sections, Lists, Tables, Figures and Footnotes can all be created with a single click.

Part of EasiWriter's tutorial, written using EasiWriter. It shows a number of features including, side headings, a list, different fonts and a picture.

WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)

Everything appears on the screen the way it will be printed. You can use any font in any size and colour. You can zoom in to work on areas where the text is small and zoom out to preview the document several pages at a time.

(Click on picture or here for a larger view)

Documents can have up to nine columns and can be zoomed in and out from 10% to 999% of full size.

Microsoft Word import and export

Originally developed for the Network computer, EasiWriter Professional can read and write documents in MS Word 6, 7 and 8 (Office 97/98) format. This includes fast saved documents.

In nearly all cases document formats are identical. This feature is invaluable for Acorn users who are obliged to use a PC at work, or for school pupils who may have access to a PC at home. More info.

Drag & Drop

In addition to using Cut and Paste, text and pictures can be moved using Drag and Drop. Simply make a selection and drag it where you want it to go. You can even use Drag and Drop between documents.

Built in intelligence

Whenever you move whole words or phrases using either Cut & Paste or Drag & Drop EasiWriter automatically adds and removes spaces as required.


I am both impressed and excited by this product. EasiWriter is a product of the highest quality and deserves very careful consideration by anybody looking for a comprehensive document production system. I have no hesitation in recommending EasiWriter.- Micro User

EasiWriter allows user definable styles for Emphasis, Paragraphs and Structures.

Emphasis styles control the appearance of individual words or sections of text including font, font size, colour, language, underline, bold etc.

Paragraph styles include all the attributes of Emphasis styles plus the control of the left, right and indentation margin markers, tab settings, line and paragraph spacing and borders.

Structure styles can be created for Sections, Sub-sect ions, Lists, Sub-lists, Tables, Figures and Pictures.

Chapters and sections

To create a new chapter or section in EasiWriter you simply click on the Chapter or Section button in the Button bar. EasiWriter treats the first paragraph you type as the heading and subsequent paragraphs as the body - all the formatting is automatic. Show me the Button bar.

The style of the chapter of section determines its layout as in the following example:

The same section could just as easily be formatted like this, using just one command:

When the section is finished, simply choose a new section and repeat the process.


Creating lists in EasiWriter is as easy as clicking the List button. EasiWriter does the rest - adjusting the ruler's margin markers and typing the optional (and user definable) bullet character. Naturally there are list styles, so you can change this:

into this:

with a single keystroke. Lists can also be numbered automatically.

Table editor

Table creation is a dream it's definitely the star turn. - New Micro Express

Table creation has never been simpler. EasiWriter has a unique table editor that automatically adjusts the width of columns as you type - no need to move tab stops. Or you can have user defined fixed width tables with automatic word wrap.

You can insert or delete rows and columns, add borders & rules and allow items to span more than one column. If you edit the contents of a cell EasiWriter automatically adjusts the format as you type.

CSV (comma separated value) files created by other applications, such as a spreadsheet, are automatically turned into tables when inserted into an EasiWriter document.

Spell checking and hyphenation

EasiWriter's hyphenation routines not only hyphenate in English but most of the other European languages as well.

EasiWriter comes with a British English dictionary of over 80,000 words and can check the whole document, selected text, or as you type.

An intelligent guess facility lists possible alternatives to the misspelt word.

With optional dictionaries, EasiWriter can check the spelling of a document in most of the European languages. It will even spell check a document in several languages at the same time.

Just apply a 'country' style to the appropriate text and EasiWriter will automatically use the correct dictionary.

Mail merge

EasiWriter has a powerful, yet very easy to use, merge facility which can be used to merge data files with documents to produce form letters.

CSV files, Tab separated text files and even EasiWriter tables can all be used as the datafile.

Field names are added to EasiWriter's merge menu

where they can be inserted into a document with a click of the mouse...

... to automatically produce a series of documents.


EasiWriter uses the standard RISC OS printer drivers.

You can print left and right pages separately. Preview mail merged documents. Print in reversed order

Footnotes and endnotes

You can add footnotes1 or endnotes to a document which are automatically numbered or allocated symbols. Footnotes symbols follow the Chicago convention - starting with , after which numbers are used, starting from 10. You can choose the position of footnotes, End of page, End of chapter or End of document.

Background colours and borders

You can add a border and background colour to a picture, paragraph or any structure in an EasiWriter professional document.

Borders can be added to the left, right, top or bottom of any paragraph structure. A variety lines and thickness used including shadowed boxes.

You can also merge adjacent borders if, for example, you want to put a single border around a group of paragraphs.

Right to left text

Text can be typed from right to left and left to right all in the same line if required.


Hebrew fonts are available from the Electronic Font Foundry.

Page set up

EasiWriter's Page set up command lets you set the margins of your document in the simplest possible way.

You can drag the margins or type in values.

Left and right hand pages can have the same margins or be 'mirrored' if, for example, you want a wide margin on the inside of a left and right hand page.

Import and export of HTML

EasiWriter Professional can both import and export HTML documents.

This page (and many of the others) were saved from EasiWriter and TechWriter professional.


Documents written by other applications in Rich Text Format can be imported complete with formatting.

Automatic numbering

Lists, Chapters, Sections and Sub Sections can be numbered automatically. Numbers can be normal, Roman, Dingbats, letters of the alphabet and can include text. i.e. 'Item ix'

'Legal' numbering allows the inheritance of numbers for hierarchical numbering such as

1 Section

1.1 Subsection one

1.2 Subsection two

1.2.1 Sub sub section etc.

Save area as Draw

Any part of an EasiWriter Professional document can be saved as a Draw file.

This gives tremendous flexibility previously only available to TechWriter users. Text, Tables. Lists etc. can be exported to Draw, rotated and embellished and brought back.

Q. How can you write upside down?



Headings or any part of a document can be highlighted and added to a list of Bookmarks.

Choosing a bookmark from a menu scrolls that part of the document into view.

Smart quotes

The grave accent ( ` ) and single quote character ( ' ) are rarely used in high-quality typography, although they are readily obtained from the keyboard. If the smart quotes option is set, the grave accent key will be interpreted as an opening quote and the apostrophe as a closing quote. Pressing the keys twice gives double quotes, three times gives the character marked on the key ` '.

Text typed into these fixed width columns automatically wraps to the next line.

Text saving

Documents can be saved directly as a PostScript file. Choices command lets you specify the way Text files are saved.

Useful for e-mail, fixed line lengths also make it easy to print documents in draft format. You can also specify what combination of Carriage return and Linefeed characters to end lines and paragraphs.

Index and table of contents generation

EasiWriter Professional can generate an index of words and phrases complete with page number. This can be saved as a text file or directly into the document.

The index is sorted and page numbers and alphabetic headings are added automatically.

A contents list can be generated from Chapter, Section and Sub section headings.

Pamphlet printing

A pamphlet printing option allows two pages to be printed side by side on a single sheet of paper.

Folding the sheet of paper in half between the two pages creates a pamphlet, or a booklet if several pages are folded together.

Image FS2

If Image FS2 by Alternative Publishing is loaded on the Icon bar, EasiWriter Professional will use it, automatically, to convert graphics when importing or exporting Word Files, RTF and HTML.

It supports a wide variety of files including, TIFF, Apple PICT, Windows/OS2 BMP, PCS, MacPaint.

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