Misc menu

The Misc menu contains commands for getting information about a document, printing it, changing the page set-up and reverting to the previous version saved. The Misc menu leads to submenus and dialogues with the following options:


Info... provides useful information about the document such as its size, date and time it was last modified, word count, character count and saved location.


Choose Print to produce a printed copy of the current document. A dialogue box will appear where you can specify the number of copies required and the start and end page numbers. You can also restrict printing to just left or right pages.

Other options let you collate documents (i.e. print all of a multi-page document before printing the next copy), pause between pages, and print in reverse order.

N.B. If you have not installed a printer driver on the icon bar this option will not be available.

Add to index...

Opens the Add to Index dialogue.

This dialogue is used for adding new index entries.

Update index...

Opens the Update index Dialogue where you can find, update or delete existing index entries.


The Merge menu contains the names of the fields in the data file.

Automatically creating the Merge menu

The fields in the first record in the data file can be automatically included in the Merge menu when the document is attached.

This option, normally 'on', is controlled by the Headings option icon in the Merge File dialogue.

Most database programs automatically save the field names as the first record. If they have not been included you can:

  • Add the field names to the data file using Edit.
  • Add the field names to the menu manually.

If the field does not have a name EasiWriter will substitute the name 'Field' combined with the number of the field starting from '1' i.e. «Field6».


The File command leads to the Merge File dialogue where you drag in data file for merging. The data file can be a CSV document, A Tab separated document or an EasiWriter table.


Field names can be added to the Merge menu by typing them into the Merge fields submenu.

Each field should be separated by a comma. Press Return or Enter to confirm the entry. A maximum of 200 characters can be added to the Merge fields submenu.

Paper size...

The Paper size... dialogue lets you choose the paper size on which the document will be printed. It also lets you add crop marks and print pamphlets.

Page setup...

Choose Page setup... to display a dialogue box where you can set the paper size and orientation, the top, bottom, left and right margins and also the size of the optional Headers and footers that will be used when printing your document.

A scaled representation of a left and right page is shown with lines representing the page margins and the optional Headers and footers.

Margins can be adjusted by either dragging them in the right hand page or typing a value in the corresponding edit boxes surrounding the pages. The units of measurement can be changed individually by clicking on them.

The position of the typing area can be moved by dragging it.

Option icons allow you to Show paper limits and to reflect the margins such that a left hand page 'mirrors' a right hand page. Landscape is part of the Paper size dialogue.

Headers and footers are special areas that can be created at the top and bottom of each page to contain text, graphics, page numbers etc. which will be repeated on each page. Clicking the Header/footer radio icon allows you to alter the size of the Header/footer area.

Click the L/R Headers (footers) option icon if you want Headers (footers) to be different on left and right hand pages.


The Footnotes menu lets you:

  • Choose the position of footnotes, End of page, End of chapter or End of document.
  • Choose between Number of Symbol reference.
  • Choose the Start number of the footnotes (does not affect the symbol reference).

Footnotes symbols follow the Chicago convention.


Choose Revert to revert to the last saved version of the document. If no changes have been made since the document was last saved this command will be dimmed.

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