If you require a DTP/document processor that incorporates almost all the aspects of style that you are likely to need, can inject real consistency into what you produce, and yet is still easy to use, then look no further than EasiWriter. You won't be disappointed. It is a real winner.- RISC User

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EasiWriter/TechWriter Pro+ Version 7

What is Pro+?

The Pro+ versions offer a number of addition features:

  • Improved Graphics handling
  • Java support
  • Animations
  • Increased number of Keyboard short cuts.
  • RTF output.
  • Single click Pamplet printing
  • Thumbnails.
  • New documentation.

Floating Graphics

Graphics can be inserted to the left or right of multiple lines of text.

The above example shows how a paragraph can support more than one picture with text flowing round it. There are two embeded pictures in the example above, one of which is being used as a drop cap.

Java support

Support for Acorn's plug-in protocol allows Java Applets to be run inside an EasiWriter/TechWriter document.

Animated GIFs

Support for Animated GIF's and Animator files.

More Keyboard shortcuts

Over 100 new user defined keyboard shortcuts.

Improved equation resolution in Word

Exports equations (TechWriter) at 300/360 d.p.i.or greater (user defined) when saving as Word. Note: Macintosh versions of Word do not appear to support this higher resolution.

Detailed Summary of changes

Upgrade Prices

More details can be found on Jim Lesurfs site. http://www.st-and.demon.co.uk/TechWrite/proplus/index.html


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