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October 26, 2010





New in version 8.54

This document lists the changes made to EasiWriter and TechWriter since version 8.43. Upgrade prices.


You can now move structures up and down with a single keystroke. For instance, when you are editing a list, pressing Ctrl-Shift-U moves the current item up and pressing Ctrl-Shift-D moves it down. You can select several entries to move them in one go. This means you can use Easi/TechWriter as an 'ideas processor'.
The best thing is that this feature is not limited to list entries: You can just as easily move Paragraphs, Sections and Chapters.


Moving up/down is not the full story: You can reverse the order of a selection of items and, finally, you can sort sequences, e.g., Lists, Paragraphs, Sections and Chapters (also Figures by their captions if that is desired).

Other changes and fixes

The following is a list of the other main changes and bug fixes.


  • Added Structure => Insert entries to include the bare Chapter and Section titles without the number.
  • Only titles of top-level sections are displayed in headers/footers rather than a mix of levels as happened up to now.
  • Added Lorem ipsum generator (Ctrl-Shift-O) to inject a paragraph of random 'Latin' text. Also (Ctrl-Shift-P) to inject a heading plus a paragraph of random text.
  • Significant quality improvement for progressive JPEGs, which are now converted to baseline JPEGs using jpegtran (lossless).
  • New Toolbar buttons for Record macro, Move up/Down and Sort.
  • Footnote numbering can be restarted at the start of each chapter.
  • Auto-try option gives immediate visual feedback when changing any options in the 'Type style' dialogue.
  • Customized index generation (e.g., with tabs before the page numbers
    and with user-defined words for 'see' and 'see also', etc.)

MS Word

  • Added ConfiX option Export Draw files in full colour to allow Draw files to be exported to Word in 16 million colours.
  • Word import copes with hyperlinks containing control chars (rather than looping).
  • Imports Word 2000 full-colour paragraph/table backgrounds.
  • Added import of Word97 16-colour border colours.
  • Added import of Word 2000 full-colour borders colours (only one colour allowed for the border).
  • Added export of full colour paragraph and table cell backgrounds using best approximation.
  • Added export of border colours.


  • HTML export adds DIV elements for chapters and sections using the style name for the class field.

New !Confix options

  • 'Split cells' ConfiX option (was -j option, set by default).
  • New SuppressDDF option - reads documents such as Pearl/TeX etc. without interpreting them as DDF.
  • Option added to set a threshold below which documents are always fully loaded into memory.

Save page as Draw (Version 8.54)

  • New command that saves the page in view as a Drawfile.

Changes in more detail.

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