New in version 8.64

October 12, 2006




  • An important bug fix for Word import, fixing special character conversion, which was broken by accident in versions 8.62/8.63.

New in version 8.63

Changes between 8.62 and 8.63

  • fixed menu definition file reading (relied on broken CLib implementation of fscanf).
  • added password protection options for PDF generation (in ConfiX), "PDF" menu entry changes to "PDF (protected)" if password-protection is enabled.

Changes between 8.61 and 8.62:

  • major changes in Word style sheet import, other minor changes in Word import that should fix a few issues

Changes between 8.60 and 8.61:

  • worked around RISC OS command line length limit (prevented PDF export from working on pre-RISC OS 4 machines)

New in version 8.60

This document lists the changes made to EasiWriter and TechWriter since version 8.54. Upgrade prices.

Due to popular demand, EasiWriter/TechWriter 8.6, has a "Save as PDF" option.

Not only does that option allow you to save your documents as PDF files in a single step operation (with the conversion being handled
transparently by GhostScript which is included), it also allows EW/TW to include additional information leading to richer PDF documents than could be created by any RISC OS software up to now.

Most notably, EW/TW 8.6 is the first RISC OS application allowing users to create PDF documents with a so-called Document Outline, a
tree overview of the document's structure that is displayed by PDF viewers (even by the main viewers available for RISC OS) and that
allows the reader to jump to specific sections directly. Thanks to EW/TW's unique document structure approach, the Document Outline is
generated from the document structure automatically without any user intervention.

Secondly, exported PDF documents can have working internal and external links, i.e., links to other parts of the same document and
links to arbitrary URLs (e.g., mailto: or http:). Again, this is a first for RISC OS programs.

Here is an example of a PDF document created by Easi/TechWriter displayed on an Apple Macintosh using Adobe Reader showing the automatically generated document outline (bookmarks).

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